Big Names Compound Bitcoin’s Volatility

March 2 2021

Bitcoin’s value has risen 65% in the start of 2021, catching the attention of businesses and investors around the world.

Robinhood Speculated as Dogecoin’s Whale

February 19 2021

A new suspect has emerged as the owner of the world’s largest Dogecoin cryptocurrency holder, as the market continues to see

Blackouts in Iran Blamed on Bitcoin Mining

January 19 2021

Suffering from US-imposed sanctions along with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world, Iran is no stranger to

Venture Capitalist Blames Cryptocurrency Exchange for $1 Million Loss

January 18 2020

Gregg Bennett is suing Bittrex, a Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange, after his account was hacked for $1 million in Bitcoin. The

YouTube Censors Hundreds of Cryptocurrency Videos

December 28 2019

YouTube’s has begun removing hundreds of cryptocurrency videos from the website, causing concern among creators and consumers alike. The decision

Lawyers Seek Exhumation of Crypto Entrepreneur After Mysterious Death

December 20 2019

In 2013, Gerald W. Cotten co-founded Quadriga CX, an online exchange that gave users the ability to trade Bitcoin and

Chinese Plans for Crypto Impacts Bitcoin and Others

December 2 2019

The Chinese central bank and government has issued a formal warning to businesses and investors to be wary of digital

New Speculation Surrounding 2017 Bitcion Boom

November 12 2019

In 2017 Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $20,000, sparking conversation across the globe about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in

HTC Launches New Blockchain Phone

October 21 2019

After a releasing its first blockchain-friendly mobile phone last year, HTC is hoping to attract customers with a less expensive

Startup Eyes Texas as New Bitcoin Mining Hub

October 16 2019

A new startup in Bitcoin mining hopes to become one of the largest mining operations in the world, thanks to