How to Buy Bitcoin with Your Bank Account

December 6 2018

By now, you are probably well aware of the advantages of investing in Bitcoin or using it as a private

Christie’s Auction House’s Blockchain Registry Proves New Tech Use Case

November 30 2018

The blockchain is a technological breakthrough, and its true genius lies in its simplicity. Blockchain is the world’s the first

Germany Lays Legal Groundwork for a Free Cryptocurrency Market

November 25 2018

A German court has just ruled that the German Banking Act cannot regulate cryptocurrency. This legal bombshell took Europe’s fintech

Coinbase On Track for Government Approval in Japan

November 14 2018

In today’s blockchain currency market, Japan is known as a pro-crypto marketplace. However, this does not mean they have taken

Thai Authorities Make Arrest in Multi-Million Dollar Dragon Coin Scam

November 12 2018

After months of investigating, Thai police have arrested the prime suspect in a major fraud case involving cryptocurrency. The scam,

Are Bitcoin Wallets Safe?

November 6 2018

One of the key questions people have when they hear about electronic finance and e-commerce that doesn’t somehow involve a

Tech Giants Make Early Moves in Blockchain Copyright

November 6 2018

Microsoft recently partnered with Ernst and Young (“E&Y”) to create their own blockchain-based copyright and royalty payment processing system. It

Cybersecurity: A Real Concern in Virtual Currency Markets

October 26 2018

Our lives are becoming increasingly virtual. As we develop more immersive and authentic online experiences, lines dividing what’s real from

China’s Mission to Build Better Citizens on the Blockchain

October 18 2018

The People’s Republic of China has initiated some pretty questionable social policies over the years. When it’s not banning things

Despite Value Potential, Ethereum Among The Biggest Losers

September 29 2018

Ethereum attracted the world’s attention in 2017 as one of the most value-driven use cases for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.