New Speculation Surrounding 2017 Bitcion Boom

November 12 2019

In 2017 Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $20,000, sparking conversation across the globe about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies in

HTC Launches New Blockchain Phone

October 21 2019

After a releasing its first blockchain-friendly mobile phone last year, HTC is hoping to attract customers with a less expensive

Startup Eyes Texas as New Bitcoin Mining Hub

October 16 2019

A new startup in Bitcoin mining hopes to become one of the largest mining operations in the world, thanks to

New Concerns Surrounding Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Plans

September 18 2019

This past June, Facebook announced that it would be launching its own cryptocurrency, Libra. With the help of its new

Blockchain Security Concerns Affect Cryptocurrency Investments

January 29 2019

Every new technology has kinks that need to be worked out. Before a new innovation can become mainstream, there is

The Gaming Industry Embraces Blockchain Tech

January 15 2019

For most of us, the idea of paying for things in denominations of coins and tokens is a bit of

Can Virtual Currency Replace Cash?

January 3 2019

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that made it possible is a groundbreaking innovation that made waves in financial markets worldwide.

The Rising Tide of Regulatory Enforcement in Cryptocurrency Markets

December 29 2018

Cryptocurrency has ignited a FinTech revolution that’s sweeping across not only financial markets, but also burning through a suite of

Big Tech’s War on Crypto

December 17 2018

Cryptocurrency markets are struggling, and whether there’s any recovery in sight is anyone’s guess. But the benefits of blockchain technology

Switzerland Approves First Crypto Exchange Traded Fund

December 9 2018

Once again, Switzerland has proven itself a force to be reckoned with in the age of digital currency. The progressive