2018’s Million-Dollar Tax Question: How Will the IRS Treat Bitcoin Forks?

February 10 2018

This year, three little words are raising serious concerns in the cryptocurrency community: capital gains tax. Cryptocurrency investors were flying

SEC Chief Wants Crypto Market Regulated – But How?

February 8 2018

Yesterday, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs heard testimony from top US financial regulators on cryptocurrency markets.

Payment Declined – Credit Card Companies Ban Crypto Purchases

February 7 2018

The cryptocurrency markets got a little less speculative last week when three of the largest U.S. banks announced that they

Samsung Set To Start Manufacturing Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

February 3 2018

Samsung, one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world, is set to begin manufacturing chips made specifically for

RaiBlocks (XRB) Re-Brands as Nano

February 2 2018

RaiBlocks is one of the newest cryptocurrencies to hit the market, first released to the world in November of 2017.

Bitcoin Price Briefly Dips Below $8,000 in Crypto Market Selloff

February 2 2018

Over $100 billion vanished from cryptocurrency markets yesterday as traders sold off their holdings across the board. Bitcoin hit a

Fearing Scams, Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads

January 31 2018

Just yesterday, Facebook announced a surprising change to its advertising policies. The company will no longer circulate ads from any

Coincheck Exchange Loses Over $500 Million in Apparent Hack

January 27 2018

In what was an undoubtedly stressful day for the company’s PR department and its users, Coincheck issued a press release

Kraken Re-Activates Margin Trading

January 26 2018

The popular cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, has just re-activated margin trading today which is once again available for a variety of

The BitConnect Fraud Aftermath: BCC Price Drops by Over 90%

January 19 2018

BitConnect was supposed to be an “all-in-one” cryptocurrency community lending platform. The platform was originally designed to provide multiple types