Boeing Seeking New Ways to Use Blockchain Technology

December 19 2017

One of the biggest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world, Boeing, is in the process of finding new ways it

Can Bitcoin Ever Become a Viable Payment System?

December 15 2017

Bitcoin has been soaring in the final months of 2017, and it has slowly begun to penetrate the mainstream media

The 5 Biggest Hacks in Cryptocurrency History

December 12 2017

The history of cryptocurrency has been strife with high-profile hacks that have taken away credibility from the technology. The common

Bitrefill Adds Steam Vouchers, Craigslist Supports Bitcoin

December 11 2017

In what can be considered as a serious blow to online gamers who use the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Steam

Bitcoin Eying New Peaks, Heading for $12,000 USD

December 5 2017

Over the first weekend of December 2017, Bitcoin accelerated over, with its prices hitting brand new highs just some few

Can Exchanges be the Key to Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency?

December 4 2017

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are currently rising steadily in popularity. In fact, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is

Bitcoin Moves Past $10,000

December 1 2017

This has to be the biggest news in the world of cryptocurrency at the moment. Just 12 hours after going

The SegWit2x Hard-Fork Cancellation Explained

November 24 2017

On November 8th, The Chief Executive Officer of BitGo, Mike Belshe, made an announcement that SegWit2x would not be able

Bithumb Exchange Temporarily Crashed Due to the Rise (and Fall) of Bitcoin Cash

November 15 2017

Over this past weekend, Seoul-based bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, temporarily went out of service. Due to the site encountering more traffic

The Breaking of Bitcoin: BCH Rises

November 12 2017

It’s been a dramatic week in the cryptocurency world. Bitcoin’s controversial SegWit2x fork was ultimately called off; the rally that