Exploring the Benefits of Using Jubiter

Earlier this year, a new user-centric cryptocurrency exchange platform, named Jubiter, entered the competitive market of digital finance. The team behind the service consist of passionate and enthusiastic Bitcoin experts who, for the past year, tried to develop a place where cryptocurrency can be available to anyone, regardless of their experience or knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

After a short period of time, Jubiter has managed to grab the attention of many cryptocurrency fans. Currently the service is available in over 160 countries from all over the world, offering services that range from cryptocurrency exchange for buying, selling, and security storing Bitcoins and altcoins to issuing Bitcoin debit card that enable users to purchase services and goods in a quick way. 

There are a number of benefits and reasons why people who have an active interest in cryptocurrencies should choose Jubiter as their new online currency exchange stop.

One of the most important feature is the platform’s high standards of security. This is what the team’s security expert has to say about it:

“Our blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange is among the most secure in the world because we implement Login Guard, Two-factor authentication, Identity Protection, cold storage of digital assets, and the highest data encryption standards available.”

Jubiter uses the highest cryptocurrency standards in the business. Monthly updates are performed to ensure the best infrastructure for the clients. For example, an innovative “cold storage” technology has been adopter that keep 97% of the funds, stored in Jubiter wallets in cold storage on computers that are permanently disconnected from any inside or outside network. The remaining 3% of the funds are kept in “hot storage” to facilitate instant daily withdrawals for the clients.

Furthermore, transactions are impossible to get compromised due to the harsh standards the company employs for cryptography. The user accounts are protected by two-factor authentication (2FA) and six-digit pin access as an additional security layer.

Jubiter is also taking good care of the users’ data by using personal data encryption that protects the information from hackers and other users.

Another reason why many cryptocurrency users, as well as newly emerging enthusiasts are choosing Jubiter is the convenient and dedicated customer service the company provides. With long working hours – from Monday to Saturday, Jubiter’s customer support specialists are ready to answer all the questions, via phone, live chat, e-mail or social media.

Top security levels and providing comfort to all clients have been the main goals of the company. Adapting the latest security technologies that protect the clients’ wallets and giving the users the best assistance, made Jubiter into one of the most preferred cryptocurrency exchange platforms nowadays.

The team is welcoming the all cryptocurrency fans to their official website, where they can learn more about their services: https://www.jubiter.com/

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