How to Buy Bitcoin with Your Bank Account

By now, you are probably well aware of the advantages of investing in Bitcoin or using it as a private form of currency. A growing number of companies are accepting this type of cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method. While the perks of crypto are well known, understanding how to buy Bitcoin with your bank account is not common knowledge. In fact, most consumers are not even aware that cryptocurrency can be purchased this easily.

Traditional Methods of Conversion

Traditionally, those interested in buying or selling any type of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, were forced to use complicated currency exchanges and online cryptocurrency wallets. Converting your government-issued money into cryptocurrency involved several complicated steps, including researching and finding a reputable exchange and wallet service provider. For those who are protective of their investment, Bitcoin was just too risky.

Using Jubiter

Instead of signing up for multiple services to invest in or spend Bitcoin, you can sign up for a service that combines storage, selling, and buying altcoins into one easy process. Jubiter is one such company. They want to make it easy for their customers to buy and use cryptocurrency, whether it is to make purchases or to convert to cash to withdraw directly from ATMs. Users can decide how many coins they want or how much traditional currency they want to spend and enter it into the site. Coins are then sent to your wallet, ready for use or investment.

Trustworthy and Secure

It is crucial that you choose a service you can trust. Jubiter’s highest priority is security. They work hard to ensure that your funds and personal information remain private and secure. To achieve this goal, all accounts come with:

– Two-factor authorization, so you and only you can access your funds
– Login guard technology, protecting you in case anyone else borrows or steals your device
– Cold (offline) storage of your private keys and all digital assets
– Secure network with end to end encryption

Jubiter is also a licensed provider, possessing the following certifications:

– PCI DSS Certification
– FinCen MSB Registration
– Compliant with all international AML/KYC policies

Customer Support

Clients and potential clients can access Jubiter’s services from Monday through Saturday, 8am until midnight, Eastern Standard Time. This wide window makes it easy to convert your cash to Bitcoin, or vice versa, with ease. Should you run into any difficulty, you can easily reach an agent through the customer support line. There is also an extensive help menu and learning center, giving you access to easy to understand material about cryptocurrency and online safety.

You can learn more about the services offered by Jubiter by visiting them online or stopping by their Facebook page.

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