How to Exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin on Jubiter is owned by Jubiter Technologies, a company that is regulated under the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia. The website shows FIU license number FVR000189. Jubiter is described as a facility to provide for the exchange of virtual currency against FIAT currency. In short, Jubiter provides for exchange of Bitcoin and Litecoin into hard currency, being either US dollars, the Euro, or Great British pounds. Security is described on the website as involving the implementation of Login Guard, Two-factor authentication, Identity Protection, cold storage of digital assets, and the highest data encryption standards available.

The website is easy to navigate. One simply registers for membership and verifies his or her email address. When registering, the new member must create a complex password, using eight characters or more, with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one numeral, and one special character, such as #, $, !, or other. Further verification is called for once the new user logs into the website.

The new user then logs in with email address and password at, and goes to his or her Wallets, where it is shown that Bitcoin and Litecoin can be purchased with a Visa credit card. Values of the currency are set in USD, EUR, or GBP, at the user’s option, and purchases are made with the same currency valuations. A scrolling timer shows that the price will be recalculated after 60 seconds. A new user must also verify phone number, personal account information, and ID, and status of those verifications is shown in the wallets. Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet addresses are also accessible from inside the wallets, with links to each address shown above.

Four fixed purchases are shown in the wallets, for between 200 and 1,000 dollars, euros, or pounds. The user can also make a custom purchase, specifying the amount to spend in the currency of choice. That is translated into the currency to be purchased.

Once a user has coins in a wallet, whether Bitcoin, or Litecoin, or both, he might then want to exchange one for the other, and the Jubiter website does provide a means of making that exchange. Traveling out of the wallets and back to the dashboard, the user clicks on the wallet he or she will transfer from at the upper left. For instance, there click on BITCOIN WALLET. The user then clicks on Exchange Crypto to Cryto below to the right. Under Pay from Wallet, the user then clicks on Bitcoin Wallet or Litecoin Wallet. The user can then specify the amount of the currency to transfer out. The user then moves to the right, under Receive to Wallet, and specifies the opposite wallet to receive the transfer to. The amount to receive is automatically calculated when the amount to transfer is specified on the left. A summary of the transfer is also shown to the right, and the value of the currency is recalculated after 60 seconds with the same scrolling timer.

This process seems simple and fool-proof for anyone wanting to convert between Bitcoin and Litecoin. The website is well laid out, and provides extensive details on the company. Jubiter also offers a debit card for the everyday use of crypto currency. Telephone support is provided, with phone numbers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Estonia. Support is offered between 8:00 am and Midnight, EST.

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