Dogecoin Casinos

Born out of Portland, Oregon in December of 2013, Dogecoin is one of the more memorable looking cryptocurrencies out there as the logo it uses strongly resembles the Shiba Inu dog from the “doge” meme. To briefly summarize, cryptocurrency can be invested in and used as a payment system. You can anonymously send money to another source with no fee charging middleman.

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  • Described as a “joke currency” upon its creation, Dogecoin started out doing well reaching capitalization of $60 million by January 2014 before plunging below $13 million by September of 2015. As of 2017, approximately 110 billion Dogecoins have been created. Because the whole purpose of cryptocurrency is to be able to transact quickly, flexibly, and economically, Dogecoin eventually made its way into the world of online gambling. While it is not yet associated with many of the more popular online casinos, there are still a number of places you can find it available.

    Which Online Casinos Accept Dogecoin?

    There are more than just a few online casinos that accept Dogecoin for payments and withdrawals although a bunch of them have already closed. Nothing unusual about that as many online gambling sites come and go. The ones that are still going, none of them, besides maybe Fortune Jack or Bitcoin Penguin, are especially well known. This of course goes hand in hand with why they accept Dogecoin. They need business any way they can get it. Note that just about all of these casinos have received a relatively poor rating from its players. 

    It did not come as a surprise as you can tell right away most of these sites are not that exciting to gamble on. Visually they are unattractive and for lack of a better word, boring. They do not have the colorful aesthetics like the top sites do. This is important to mention because so much of the appeal towards gambling, live or online starts with what you see.

    Your standard Dogecoin casino will consist of many variations of slots, video poker, and dice games as well the typical table games like blackjack and roulette. Several of them also offer the live casino in case you want to turn up the interactive level of your experience, or if you just would like to look at a beautiful woman. If you are into sports betting your options are pretty limited although has it along with live betting in case you like to bet on games already in progress. Some sites also allow you to play the lotto and specializes in having its own anonymous bitcoin lottery. At this point, there are not any poker rooms as those can only be found on the bigger sites.

    Many of these lesser known sites make a point to highlight their games are “Provably Fair” to put down any suspicions a customer might have that they are shady. Provably Fair simply means all of their games have been verified as legit. That all the mathematics of each game check out the way they are supposed to so your odds inside a real casino are guaranteed to be the same as playing on the site. As long as you are trying to gamble on a site that you already know is very small time and does not offer that many, if any incentivizing promotional bonuses, you might as well choose the ones that have proven their fairness.

    Most of the sites that accept Dogecoin have its logo at the bottom of the screen along with whatever else they accept. Since Dogecoin is not a big name in online gambling, currently there are no sites that depend exclusively on Dogecoin to keep them in business. Every site that takes Dogecoin also accepts multiple forms of other recently created cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin or Ethereum being by far the most popular and preferred.

    Dogecoin having been created so recently is as big a reason as any as to why none of the major sites have gotten on board with them. If you want to enjoy the best sites that online gambling has to offer like Bovada, BetOnline, Slots.LV, and Las Vegas USA just to name a few, you will have to use another method for funding your account. As you can see, online gambling is not really where it’s at for Dogecoin.

    Is it Legal For U.S. Customers?

    Despite all the yammering controversy about online gambling and the United States, most online caisnos around the world will still take business from the U.S. For the ones that take Dogecoin, overall it isn’t any different. None of them say anything about legality on their sites. Since they are unknown to most people they probably don’t see any real risks in taking business from the USA. Any U.S. customer that would not be allowed to play on a site would more than likely be blocked as soon as they try to go to it. This is currently the case with

    Dogecoin’s Future in Online Gambling

    The way things are going right now, it does not look like Dogecoin is going to take any major steps in the online gambling world any time soon. With Bitcoin being the leading cryptocurrency that is heavily promoted and incentivized on many of the major sites, Dogecoin is kind of just lingering in the shadows. Since a bunch of sites have used them seemingly without any major problems reported, it stands to reason its availability will gradually spread to more smaller time sites especially since so many launch and then fold up.

    As far as the big name sites go, I would not count on them being added to their payment options in the near future unless for some reason its value skyrockets in a short period of time. Some of the major sites still aren’t even using Bitcoin. Regarding Dogecoin’s long term online crypto gambling status, well, some people strongly feel that cryptocurrency will eventually change the way we transact money completely. If that ever turns out to be the case, you can expect to see Dogecoin along with all the cryptocurrencies becoming a payment option.