Can Exchanges be the Key to Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency?

December 4 2017

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are currently rising steadily in popularity. In fact, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is

Bithumb Exchange Temporarily Crashed Due to the Rise (and Fall) of Bitcoin Cash

November 15 2017

Over this past weekend, Seoul-based bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, temporarily went out of service. Due to the site encountering more traffic

Russia Announces Ban on Bitcoin Exchanges; Bitcoin Price Breaks New Records

October 12 2017

At a meeting on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin told a roomful of Russian financial officials that “the use of cryptocurrency bears

Goldman Sachs Considers Offering Crypto Trading Operation

October 11 2017

Wall Street and cryptocurrency have never really been friends.  There have been a few flirty glances between these two worlds

South Korea Announces Ban on ICOs

October 11 2017

On Friday, the South Korean financial regulator announced that the country was banning Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), saying that “raising

The Japanese Government Grants Regulatory License to 11 Exchanges

October 11 2017

Eleven cryptocurrency exchanges were granted legal legitimacy yesterday as the Japanese government handed out regulatory licenses.  The licenses come as

China Ban Likely to Extend to Over-the-Counter Trading

September 20 2017

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that China’s recent roll-out of cryptocurrency-related bans is likely to extend to over-the-counter (OTC)

The IRS Moves in on Coinbase Customers

August 5 2017

The Bitcoin community is becoming wary of Coinbase. Coinbase has made its name as an easy-to-use crypto wallet that offers

Bitcoin Guide to August 1: Do You Need to Move Your Coins?

July 31 2017

You there! Yes, you whose friend installed that cryptocurrency wallet on your phone a few days/weeks/months ago. This article is

Is Coinbase Safe? No Support Replies, Accounts Locked, and Site/App Down

June 23 2017 is the go to website for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world, and especially in the United States. They have