Cryptocurrency Steps Closer to Institutional Investment Acceptance

August 16 2022

For as long as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have existed, people have doubted their use case and have otherwise

Facebook’s Leading Crypto Executive Steps Down

December 3 2021

Facebook has been working to enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with the creation of their own digital asset and

The Gaming Industry Embraces Blockchain Tech

January 15 2019

For most of us, the idea of paying for things in denominations of coins and tokens is a bit of

The Rising Tide of Regulatory Enforcement in Cryptocurrency Markets

December 29 2018

Cryptocurrency has ignited a FinTech revolution that’s sweeping across not only financial markets, but also burning through a suite of

Big Tech’s War on Crypto

December 17 2018

Cryptocurrency markets are struggling, and whether there’s any recovery in sight is anyone’s guess. But the benefits of blockchain technology

Switzerland Approves First Crypto Exchange Traded Fund

December 9 2018

Once again, Switzerland has proven itself a force to be reckoned with in the age of digital currency. The progressive

Christie’s Auction House’s Blockchain Registry Proves New Tech Use Case

November 30 2018

The blockchain is a technological breakthrough, and its true genius lies in its simplicity. Blockchain is the world’s the first

Coinbase On Track for Government Approval in Japan

November 14 2018

In today’s blockchain currency market, Japan is known as a pro-crypto marketplace. However, this does not mean they have taken

Tech Giants Make Early Moves in Blockchain Copyright

November 6 2018

Microsoft recently partnered with Ernst and Young (“E&Y”) to create their own blockchain-based copyright and royalty payment processing system. It

Venezuela’s Problems with the Petro

August 31 2018

In a groundbreaking event for the mainstream adoption of blockchain currency, Venezuela became the first national government to launch an