Dogecoin Sportsbooks

Dogecoin is one of a number of cryptocurrencies available today. It was created at the end of 2013 in Portland, Orgeon in the United States. Cryptocurrency is the newest and most revolutionary way to transact money online. It allows you the ability to buy what you want anonymously and you can send money peer-to-peer as well.

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The transactions take very little time, and they are free because no third parties are involved. With all these great luxuries provided all at once, it’s no wonder that cryptocurrency become popular so fast. As a result of its demand it has also not only become a part of the online gambling industry, it is also one of the things crypto holders use it the most for.

DOGE Sportsbooks

Dogecoin specifically is still pretty new to gambling. When it first came out, it was known as a “joke currency” but has had quite a wild ride seeing its value soar and then drop tremendously. Its present is felt in the casino, but not strongly. As of August 2017, Dogecoin’s overall availability is scarce and is especially difficult to track down for sports betting.

Where Can I Find Dogecoin Sportsbooks?

Up until very recently, nowhere. had been but they have apparently gone under. On June 11, 2017 1xBit Casino became the first new casino to start accepting Dogecoin that also has a sportsbook. They are a small name site that only does business with cryptocurrency and this is not rare. A number of the other smaller time sites do the same thing and there are even some casinos who deal with Bitcoin and no one else.

But Bitcoin (for sports betting) is the only type of cryptocurrency receiving this kind of treatment and this is not the case with any of the big name sites like Bovada or BetOnline who offer a wide variety of payment methods.

1xBit Casino Sportsbook

The sportsbook at 1xBit Casino is quite impressive and appears to be the first of its kind not from a big name casino. There is a huge array of selections ranging from all the most popular American sports to lesser talked about events like the recently created eSports which is for video games. Other rarely seen options are badminton, handball, netball, sailing, surfing, the list goes on and on and it’s all alphabetized. Written next to each sport in parentheses are the number of events currently being offered for that sport.

The specials category which are essentially prop bets concerning things around the world like politics is where it gets really interesting as there are lines for alien existence and the end of the world. You kind of have to see it to believe it. It is actually a little insulting to see a line for the world ending. If you bet it will end after 2018 and win, how are you going to even get your money, never mind do something with it?

The sportsbook seems great up until the part where they want to see how willing you are to literally throw away money on a no-win proposition. Oh well. In addition, they also feature live betting which just about every sportsbook has now. Live betting is if you like to bet on games already in progress.

When you get outside the sportsbook you can then dabble with virtual sports betting, another rarely seen option in online gambling. With virtual sports betting you can create your own fantasy teams and bet on computer created matches. The highlight of this section is it provides cockfighting as an option. 1xBit Casino certainly deserves a lot of credit for its creativity.

Seeing as they also have a full casino and live casino along with a poker room, this site could be a sleeper as the next big online gambling site.

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Is It Legal for U.S. Customers?

Gambling online has never actually been a question of legality for U.S. citizens themselves. It has always been a law that it is not legal to run gambling operations in the United States, but for a long time the Federal Government did nothing about online gambling until 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed.

It was at this point that many gambling operators vacated the American market which misled people into thinking it was against the law. It wasn’t because they were operating offshore so they only have to abide by their own jurisdiction. The reason they left was because they felt at that point taking business from America would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Today most of the gambling sites will accept action from the United States. Any site that wouldn’t will most likely block you when you try to get to the site. The real concern is not the legality but just the safety of your money. The Dogecoin transactions should go smoothly, just make sure your customer support staff knows what they’re doing in case you are encounter a problem.

After that, you need to educate yourself as to which sites are reputable. Many come and go but the ones that have hung around will have customer reviews who can tell you mainly about if there have been issues receiving deposit bonuses and withdrawals.

Payout fiascos are no stranger to online gambling and while there is inherently only so much you can do to protect yourself, you might as well do the most you can. Just remember by dealing with an offshore site you are at the mercy of whatever they decide. Your recourse level is potentially zero.

What is Dogecoin’s Future For Online Sports Betting?

As of now, the immediate expectations seem pretty uneventful. There are multiple other cryptocurrencies on the rise that are offered in more places than Dogecoin, making it seem reasonable to project they will catch on with other sports betting sites first. But, it’s hard to say with the way each coin’s value can drastically spike or plummet.

If anybody, especially Bitcoin, drops significantly in a short span this could certainly make room for Dogecoin. Of course if Dogecoin’s value dramatically rises, this could also be the case. Unless either one of those happen, it seems like Dogecoin is going to stay in the middle of the pack.

There is one potential prospect for another Dogecoin sportsbook: FortuneJack. They have recently added a poker room and just about every site that has one also has a sportsbook because poker players tend to like to dabble with sports betting and vice versa.

Dogecoin is probably here to stay but the likeliest way for its availability to rise quickly is if, like some people are predicting, cryptocurrency takes over the way Internet spending is done entirely. That would turn everything on its head for a while but in a good way, and probably lead to all the cryptocurrencies being offered at all the casinos whether they have a sportsbook or not.

Until that happens, expect Bitcoin to maintain its position as the centerpiece because they are by far the most preferred method of payment. Nearly every gambling site accepts Bitcoin and advertises it the most, frequently offering much higher deposit bonuses than all the other methods.

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