Asian Governments and U.S. Reaction to Bitcoin in 2018

January 15 2018

Historically, governments across the globe haven’t been all that receptive to Bitcoin. They have been very hesitant to jump on

ECB Members Speak Out About Bitcoin, Suggest Regulations and Tax

January 4 2018

A senior council member of the European Central Bank, Ewald Nowotny, has been speaking out about Bitcoin this week. In

Legal Loopholes Show Promise for Chinese Exchanges

November 1 2017

In a report from Finance Magnates, Chinese citizens and investors are finding their own ways to work around the Chinese

Kazakhstan May Soon Have its Own Cryptocurrency

October 22 2017

New potential use cases for blockchain technology are being conceptualized every single day.  A quick look up at some upcoming

Tezos Legal Battle Sends Coin Futures Tumbling

October 19 2017

Trouble for Young Tezos Kathleen and Arthur Breitman, who founded Tezos, have become embroiled in a legal battle with Johann

Russia Announces Ban on Bitcoin Exchanges; Bitcoin Price Breaks New Records

October 12 2017

At a meeting on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin told a roomful of Russian financial officials that “the use of cryptocurrency bears

South Korea Announces Ban on ICOs

October 11 2017

On Friday, the South Korean financial regulator announced that the country was banning Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), saying that “raising

The Japanese Government Grants Regulatory License to 11 Exchanges

October 11 2017

Eleven cryptocurrency exchanges were granted legal legitimacy yesterday as the Japanese government handed out regulatory licenses.  The licenses come as

Malicious Mining of Monero: Criminals Use Illegally-Obtained Computing Power to Mine their “Cryptocurrency of Choice”

October 10 2017

Recent Rise in Crypto-Mining Scripts in Website Code, Embedded in Fake Image Files Since summer of this year, a trend

E-Coin Scam Shut Down by Swiss Watchdog

October 10 2017

Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authorithy, or FINMA, is the latest European institution to take legal action against a cryptocurrency-based scam.